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Distraction999 is your patented technology solution partner that effectively eliminates and reduces the risk of Driver Distraction through phone use.

What We Do

Mobile phone fuelled Driver Distraction is running out of control and has become a critical dangerous driving catastrophe that deeply matters.

We have seen huge growth in phone use when driving. This driver safety dilemma has become a hazardous epidemic, as drivers cannot resist the URGE to look at their phones when an email or text message pings in. Nothing is working as drivers just cannot help themselves. Fleets and insurers are lost for a solution ... until now that is!

Technology brought this safety challenge to us all and only through technology can it be eradicated. Distraction 999 products do just that and reduce risk, enhance legality and compliance and dramatically improve safety.

Distraction999 is your partner to safer drivers and lower crash causation through better road risk management. Our technology partners proactively changes the culture of driver distraction through phone use.

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