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Distracted Drivers Are Unsafe At Any Speed

“The #1 distraction in a vehicle is the cell phone and its use when driving has created a dangerous driving epidemic of colossal proportions. Drivers are addicted to their phones and find the 'urge' to use them behind the wheel, irresistible.

Distraction999 provide a range of technology solutions for fleets and insurers to reduce risk and effectively eliminate Driver Distraction, to dramatically lower crash causation, claims frequency and loss ratio”. Paul Ripley

- Paul Ripley

Driver Distraction Risk Management Solutions

LifeSaver Mobile changes your company's culture of driver distraction by automatically detecting and blocking cell phone use without additional hardware.

A software solution for companies to prevent employee phone use when driving.

Unique Message Reading App

Reduce Accidents and Save Lives

Increased Safety and Convenience

Generate Significant Recurring Revenue


Disclaimer; "Distraction999 does not offer the ping telematics feature - we are marketing partners for the ping messaging functionality alone".

'‘Balancing Safety, Convenience and Productivity to Curb Distracted Driving’.

Fleets trust Nocell

Whether you’re a local florist with three delivery vans, a government fleet, or a multi-national business with thousands of vehicles -- protecting your drivers and your company reputation is paramount.

The problem andwhy action has to be taken

Most people check their phones 150 times a day

88% of people check their phones while driving

Distracted drivers are 23 times more likely to crash

Smartphone users pay for convenience

Having a vehicle or employee out of commission because of a crash can be a huge hit on revenue; increasing insurance rates, slowing down the workforce and reducing profits.


of commercial vehicle crashes involve distracted driving

1.6 million

Distracted driving collisions per year


Average cost to fleet owner per crash, plus increased insurance premiums and lost productivity; excluding reputational damage

The problem explained

#1 Distraction in a vehicle is a mobile phone

Distracted Driving is the #1 cause of crashes, injuries and fatalities

In our always connected society, drivers can’t resist the ‘URGE’ to check their phones when driving.

First hand-held phone offence in the UK is 6 points + £200. 2 offences in 3 years, results in license disqualification

Nothing is working as drivers will not change their behaviour