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Allied With Safety

NOCELL Technologies and Distraction999 are on a mission to minimise the lethal effects of cell phone distraction while driving, and by extension, lowering risk and loss ratio. This cause is championed by us to save lives.

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Fleet Technology Solutions

NOCELL is the proactive solution to distracted driving that can be directly integrated into telematics, insurance, fleet and field service management systems. Add NOCELL to the fleet services you provide.

NoCell brings new patented technology to stop driver distraction in its tracks. Its eliminates phone use to allow drivers to do their jobs more efficiency and safely whilst enhancing the management of driver risk, compliance and mitigation of road risk.

Whether you’re a local florist with three delivery vans, a government fleet, or a multi-national shipping conglomerate with thousands of vehicles -- protecting your drivers and your company from the effects of distracted driving is paramount.

NOCELL helps you do both with a fully customizable turn-key solution, and app-specific disabling technology to keep your drivers focused on driving. You set the policy.

Driver Distraction:
Deadly & Costly

The UK and the rest of the world have a growing problem: traffic collisions are the #1 cause of workplace injury and fatality. 25% of all reported collisions are caused by drivers using mobile/cell phones and 20% of fleets suffer from a crash every year. You are at significant risk of distracted driving by your drivers using phones when driving.

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration in 2018, “Motor vehicle crashes cost employers £60 billion annually in medical care, legal expenses, property damage, and lost productivity.” Furthermore, Insurance Journal Magazine says that the number of distracted driving crashes from cell phones is severely underreported and is likely at least 3x the nationally reported number. NOCELL™ -- The solution to enforce your written driver distraction safety policy.

Driver Distraction Risk Management

An imposing problem requires an advanced solution. Nocell Technologies' commercial- grade platform drastically curtails phone app distractions while driving.

NOCELL™ features group and individual-level policy enforcement, user-customisable protocols for limiting and eliminating high risk driver behaviours, and a management system to report and track compliance, so you can effortlessly enforce your company’s driver safety policy and reduce risk, liability and loss.