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Listen to your messages and email, anywhere, anytime.

ping READS ALL MESSAGES OUT LOUD .... WhatsApp, all emails, Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, Text, Twitter, Instagram, Slack, Alexa, Snapchat and Skype. The Future is Voice

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Disclaimer; "Distraction999 does not offer the ping telematics feature - we are marketing partners for the ping messaging functionality alone".

Patented technology that reduces the risk of DRIVER DISTRACTION ... yet drivers can stay connected and listen to their messages!

In our “always connected” world, smartphone users want MORE control over when and where they get their messages. With ping, your customers and employee’s can LISTEN to their messages when looking at their phone is inconvenient, illegal or dangerous (like driving).

Distracted Driving is the #1 cause of vehicle collisions and injuries, costing billions in damages and unquantifiable pain to the families of victims. Through Distraction999 an its technology partners, your business has the power and reach to keep users safely connected to all their messages in real-time.

5 key benefits:

Increase value, engagement and loyalty

Differentiate and innovate in a commoditised market

Dramatically reduce phone-related crashes and injuries

Generate recurring subscription revenue

The auto-reply is a great marketing / social responsibility message

ping’s patented voice platform and app eliminates the “URGE” for drivers to check their phones by automatically reading WhatsApp, email, text, Facebook and all other messages out loud with no action from them, so that they can keep their eyes on the road, hands on the wheel and focus on the road. CarPlay and Android Auto offer a fraction of the message-reading capabilities and are not automated. ping’s users are not just drivers - they are exercising, streaming music or working with their hands where checking for messages is inconvenient.

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Our Mission:
Get every driver home safely

Just Me or Passenger Mode. Tap Read my messages or select 1 message type

Works in background – big action buttons when a message comes in

In Advanced Settings you can set ping to start automatically

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White Label Apps

We can build and support a branded safe driving app that runs seamlessly in the background. Zero impact on your product team.

SDK Integrations

ping’s lightweight software development kit (SDK) can be imbedded into existing apps for a clean, integrated experience. Minimal product resources.

ping’s Fleet Team

Work with our enterprise team to customize which features are right for your fleet of drivers.